A Nefarious Introduction

This project has been on my mind for quite some time, and now seems like a good time for me to formally introduce it to the cyberspace.

Nefarious in the City is an ongoing personal narrative of my city/college/commuter experience. The story began in the fall of 2011, when I was a freshman with great ambitions of becoming an established writer and artist. At some point during my first two years of college, reality nudged me with its pointed elbow and said, “Listen kid, this ain’t gonna be easy, see? There are a lot of things you gotta learn, to feel, to know before you can have a story.” And it has been an incredible and terrifying experience. And my story is about to be told.

The format of this blog will be a collection of personal insights and thoughts, interesting anecdotes and observations, and advice that I’d like to pass on to the dreamers and “nomads at heart”. I will also include photos and (if I can overcome camera shyness) video blogs to enhance the storytelling. Posts will be made once a week.

I hope you find comfort in this space…

Say something…

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