A new semester has begun. That means getting back into routine after a month of reading The Hobbit and watching its film adaptations (Desolation of Smaug is my favorite so far), watching Pushing Daisies and obsessing over fruit pies and Lee Pace’s eyebrows, and figuring out what to do after undergraduate studies.

Three more semesters to go. My third year of college is halfway over. Not to mention, my birthday is in three days. A thought has occurred to me recently: not only do I have to figure out what I will do for the rest of the my life, but I have to wonder more about what things will be like when I no longer have a physical presence in this world. What will I leave behind that people will remember me by? (The existential crisis reached its peak when that thought crossed my mind!) This blog could be evidence of my existence, but who will read it? My possessions will collect dust if I do not give them away or donate them. What will become of these things when time is up?

I could take these questions as an incentive to get moving, to begin drafting the next few chapters of my life. To write more on this blog, to write more stories and thoughts. To encourage myself to take risks and chances, if I am very passionate about something. To be my own person, because life has an indeterminate duration, so it’s best to give it a meaningful definition.

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