Note on “Pinay’Merican” sub-blog

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed your holidays, and hopefully the return to the daily grind is suiting you well. (As for me, I’m on winter break, but also working on some writing works for several applications.)

I would like to make a note about the current status of my sub-blog, now that the semester is over:

Pinay’Merican is a series of personal entries about exploring identity, as a Filipino-American, an aspiring writer, and a millennial. This is was also kinda sorta for my final project in Asian American Media this last semester.

The class project is done, but the exploration of self-identity is not. I’m planning to make a monthly post to the sub-blog, maybe towards the end of the month.

ALSO, for the main blog, I’m thinking of posting an edited video of clips that was supposed to go on my video blog. It will come out by next month. Not sure if the video project will continue while I’m in school, but I hope to record some of my daily activities that can be used later on. — So check that out!


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