New official title! + Personal changes!

Hello to whoever visits this cyber-space of mine!

First off, today marks two years with my blog! I am always afraid about starting a new blog and end up writing only four posts a year. But the archives show that I have at least one post each month, thanks to new inspirations and motivation to write about what I am passionate to discuss.

Which leads to the announcement of the official blog title: Pinay’Merican: The Musings of A Young Fil-Am. The expansion of the sub-blog I started last year has been promoted to the main theme of this blog. I made the decision to do this because of 1) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel, Americanah, in which the main character Ifemelu writes about her observations of American life as a “Non-American Black”, and 2) as a Filipino American writing about her observations of suburban and urban culture, the local Filipino community, and the current state of Asian American literature and popular culture, I felt that the title fits with the content I am writing. So for the next few days, I will adjust the tabs, tags, and re-direct links so that it is all consistent with the theme.

As for personal changes, I am just cleaning my room, going to the gym more often, hanging out with friends, and eating healthy. More posts to come!

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