My Life, Updating Again

The second half of the year 2019 is closing in, which means another check-in.

Two major life developments have occurred:

I quit my part-time job because 1) (the obvious reason) minimum wage cannot compensate the amount of physical and emotional labor I had to endure, 2) (a noble reason) I need to be more present at home so I can take care of my aging parents in their daily routines, and 3) (a personal reason connected to years of Inner work) I felt that I was compromising with my spiritual and emotional well-being for the sake of incurring (minimal) income, but I was subconsciously perpetuating the culture of consumerism and capitalism, which goes against my beliefs. It kind of sucks to not earn money anymore, but I do not regret my decision to leave. There are and will be other jobs that best suit what I am looking for. Which leads me to the next development…

I applied for graduate studies in a master’s program, after waiting four years to do so. As I cannot disclose many details about it now, I can only say that this program was something I have been waiting for, that will allow me to utilize all of my undergraduate studies in different disciplines, and it is housed in an institution that I hold in high regard for my academic endeavors. I intended to wait until next year to start, but after some positive encouragement from people I admire, I decided to apply for this fall. (And in typical fashion, I did so under intense time pressure. At least I am satisfied with what I put together because it helped me to see my goals in full view.)

Currently I am focusing on my writing. There is A LOT of work to be done, but I am happy to be full of the narrative vigor that will allow me to manifest my thoughts into prose. I am also reading more books, in preparation for getlitfilam, which I am hoping to launch THIS SUMMER. I am working on the website design, the essays/reviews for publication, and the social media hype.

I will post more on this blog. The next post will be a deeper reflection on Raised Pinay. Prepare your tissues for the cries.

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