I’m okay now

Re-reading my last entry, I realized how concerning it might have sounded to anyone who has come across this blog.

I thought it was a matter of time to give an update.

These past few months were spent in contemplative and reflective solitude–or more like, AFK/AFP(hone). I focused on paying more attention to my immediate environment and my own person. Slowly but surely, I was able to find some peace of mind that helped me to appreciate what I have now and how far I have survived through the trials and tribulations of the past. It might be hard for me to explain what I mean, but I would like to flesh this out more when I feel ready to do so.

The greatest motivation I found during my time away here was entering a new venture on storytelling. Now, I prefer to keep this a private matter, as I am trying out being anonymous online (*side eyes this blog*), but this venture has given me tremendous creative freedom and most especially, a wonderful community of other creators who have been encouraging and supportive! I am currently releasing installments of an independent project that took three months of tiring work, fluctuating sleep patterns, and shoddy appetites… but in this way, I felt like I was able to heal from the heartbreak I was experiencing in the summer. Each time I worked on this project, I felt like I was slowly returning to the roots of my writer/storyteller lineage…

In other news, I will return to my grad studies for the next semester. I would like to come back to the academic space (remotely/virtually) with a new direction in my work for that. Taking LOA helped me a lot to reassess and recalibrate what matters to me the most, as a writer, as a person, and as a storyteller. I am hoping that this master’s project goes well, with a new mapping of my personal narrative.

That’s all I can think of to say. I actually need to continue working on my personal project to meet my own deadlines! Which has worked well for me, and it gives my weekly planner a better purpose~

(I should also note that I deleted most of my social media. I don’t plan to return to any of those platforms because cutting that portion of my existence has helped me mentally & emotionally~)

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