after a few months, an update…


Apologies for my absence on this blog. I made a few changes to the appearance, but I am still unsure if this is how I want to present my thoughts… Inspiration for creativity on my blog space has wavered, coinciding with my desire to be more minimalist & elusive in my online persona. (Or so, that’s how I try to convince myself of such~)

The most significant update I can give is the completion of my home office! (Currently typing this post on my new desktop, with an upgraded monitor and an L-shaped desk… not to mention, majority of my books shelved around the room!) This is phase01 of the home office renovation; I have more plans to make the space more personal. For now, it’s comfortable enough to now have two different places where I can hold video meetings, but my office has a more decent background! (Imagine: a letterboard with changeable messages, thick hardcovers of spooky books, year-round Halloween decor, and a small tapestry of Our Lady of Guadalupe. All displayed above a wooden headboard with a mirror and rose etching, a piece of furniture from when my family lived in Queens.)

A new semester will begin in about 2 weeks. It will be my first time returning to campus since the pandemic, and it is both exciting and nerve-wracking…! But I do look forward to re-visiting a few places in the city that I used to enjoy going to, such a bookshops, coffeeshops, and other small corners to come across. More importantly, I anticipate coming back to a space that allows for scholarly influence, which I have struggled with in the past year or so… but I managed to read a couple of books from start to finish. Nothing relating to my thesis – which, I will figure out definitely, soon, sometime this year.

I swear.

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