Well, well…

Happy New Year to anyone reading this!

It has been about three months since my last update – and I am happy to announce that I was able to overcome the slump of an intense semester! Returning to campus in-person was exhaustive, given that it had been 2 years since the pandemic that I have commuted to the city for classes. I was pleased to have encountered wonderful people during my first semester back, allowing me to slowly enter that scholar-writer mindset that motivated me in the first place. Sadly, I could not avail of any leisure trips that I used to partake in, in my early years of exploring NYC. Much of my attention was turned towards preparing for my thesis – which I should be starting soon!

December was particularly difficult, with catching a cold that came from the crowded areas of midtown Manhattan, since the holiday season was beginning! It took 3 weeks to recover from sickness, which forced me to take pause and allow my body to rest… which was hard to do, as I was getting used to the fast-paced lifestyle that I hadn’t experienced since pre-pandemic! But I guess I needed to slow down and give myself the grace to sleep more, hydrate more, and relax more. But I never want to go through that again!

For this new year, I’d like to manifest the dream of writerhood. In addition to my thesis, I have a couple of independent projects to work on, which are aimed to step out of my comfort zone. I see these projects as small yet impactful steps towards bigger goals up ahead; anything can help me enter into a new stage of my life where I can present the best version of myself to the world!

May I continue updating this blog, at least once a month!

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