About the Author

“Chibi portrait of amenaje” by Jodelyne C. Arias

Name: amenaje (pronounced as “ah-meh-nah-hey”)

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Residence: New York

Occupation(s): Writer, Storyteller, Graduate Student, Booknerd, Film Enthusiast, Dutiful Daughter.

Bio: amenaje grew up with stories. From a young age, she was exposed to tales of Philippine mythology and various urban legends that still scare her to this day. She also watched a lot of movies involving epic heroes, supernatural forces, historical battles, and intergalactic worlds. Thanks to the influence of her older brother (who introduced her to these things), amenaje became fascinated and inspired to create her own stories.

At the age of 12, amenaje began writing original poems, short stories, and song lyrics. What started as an outlet for her quiet disposition became a lifelong passion and pursuit in storytelling. Throughout her adolescence, amenaje wrote scripts for online videos and live performance skits that focused on interpersonal relationships and human introspection, with a touch of humor and personality.

Her undergraduate studies included Sociology, Creative Writing, and Asian American Studies. Even as she focused on maintaining grades and participating in club activities, she continued her writing work on the side. Her creative projects involve Filipino American teenage suburbanites, Catholic themes, and ethereal beings from other dimensions.

amenaje is currently pursuing her master’s degree, with her thesis focusing on memoir writing. She is also working on an independent creative project, a fiction story told in machinima fashion.

amenaje aspires to be a published writer, an educator, a community leader, and a filmmaker (director/screenwriter/cinematographer)–in that order. She wants to combine everything she learned/experienced and turn it into something cool and intellectual. She also hopes to empower young people who have similar ambitions in the arts, despite the harsh realities that they face in their communities.

[updated 11/02/2021]