Behind the Name

Former blog name: Pinay’Merican
The inspiration for the blog title came from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah, in which the main character Ifemelu writes a blog about her observations and thoughts, as a “non-American Black”, on American culture. This blog is the inverse of Ifemelu’s journey–an American-born Filipina writing about her observations and thoughts on American life and culture. “Pinay” is the feminized demonym of Pinoy, which refers to people of Filipino descent. More information on the blog can be found here.

Authorial name: A.M. Enaje (stylized, “amenaje”)
This is just my real name condensed into two initials and my surname. It also makes signing things easier.

Cyberspace name (2019-2020): pinaykilljoy
I decided to retire “NefariousEllie” and use a different screen name, as a way to represent my current transition in online presence. I thought of using “Pinay” in the name, but I needed the second part to stand out from all the other screen names. “Killjoy” came to mind because it sounded ironic to the typical image of a “Pinay”/”Filipina” who is supposed to present herself as smiling, pleasant, and amiable. Also, I am not very fond of parties…

Cyberspace name (2010-2018): The Nefarious Ellie / “NefariousEllie”
Before there were social media apps and handheld electronic smart devices, people communicated through desktop computers. Screen names were a major thing back then. As I was trying to come up with a clever name (without making my identity too obvious to guess), a song called “Nefi + Girly” by Asobi Seksu was stuck in my head for a while. So I decided to use NefiiGirly as my first screen name. It eventually transformed into NefariousEllie, after thinking about what “nefii” was short for… the word “nefarious” came to mind. “Ellie” was a nickname that never became a thing.

[updated 02/15/2021]