Behind the Name

Authorial name: A.M. Enaje (stylized, “amenaje”)
This is just my real name condensed into two initials and my surname. But I prefer to pronounce it as one word. It also makes signing things easier.

Former blog name: Pinay’Merican
The inspiration for the blog title came from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah, in which the main character Ifemelu writes a blog about her observations and thoughts, as a “non-American Black”, on American culture. This blog is the inverse of Ifemelu’s journey–an American-born Filipina writing about her observations and thoughts on American life and culture. “Pinay” is the feminized demonym of Pinoy, which refers to people of Filipino descent. More information on the blog can be found here.

[updated 07/09/2022]