My Life, As of Now

{Most likely my last blog post for the year}

I find myself going online less often than in previous years. With the exception of looking up directions on my smartphone while traveling in the city and information on things that suddenly cross my mind and need to satisfy my short-lived curiosity, I barely talk about my life on social media. I do try to update, once in a while, to show that I am still around, for those who actually want to keep up with me through these means… but the past few months have caused me to rescind personal details from public view.

Either I am going further into adulthood by keeping busy with In Real Life matters, or I no longer have interest in participating in this aspect of Life where we are supposed to share snippets of our living as digital posts… but I do not want to start sounding like a a pseudo-intellectual commenting on the disconnect of “true intimacy” through technology. That’s a bunch of yadda to me.

Basically, I am here in my digital safe space to talk about what has been going on lately, in one long block of text–the best way I can communicate my thoughts and anecdotes.

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