{revisiting ‘the lonely Filipino kid’}

My previous concept of the LFK came from this post.

In the last four years of coalescing in Filipinx spaces (i.e., Filipinos based in the U.S.), I had formed a sense of identity that I felt could be shared with others. I had thought that I was finally getting the sense of belonging that I had yearned for in my adolescence. It seemed like things were going the way I had hoped for, in my young adult years.

But in the time of covid and the resurgence of social justice movements (by way of Black Lives Matter), the paradigms of Filipinx discourse shifted that made me question so much of what I thought was “the right way” of doing things… and thus, I return back to my idea of the LFK.

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{July is the cruelest month… maybe not this year}

This has never been my favorite month of the year. This aversion to July was most prevalent in the last 8 years, for reasons I explained in previous blog entries around this time. Just two more days to go of this godforsaken month. But this year’s July is different from others, yet it remains consistently my least favorite month of the year.

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