We Have A Community Problem

[Photo source: Jeffrey James Pacres (Flickr: Creative Commons)]

We have just started celebrating Filipino American History Month. At this time, I feel that I must bring up a conversation that began a while back, as it is essential to our growth and unity as a community. Continue reading We Have A Community Problem


Just came across this, and I absolutely NEED to share this on my blog!

Synopsis of the film, directly from the website:

Set during the Philippine-American war, a short-tempered Filipino general faces an enemy more formidable than the American army: his own treacherous countrymen.

In 1898, General Antonio Luna ( John Arcilla ), commander of the revolutionary army, is spoiling for a fight. The Philippines, after three hundred years as a Spanish colony, has unwillingly come under American rule. General Luna wants to fight for freedom but members of the elite would rather strike a deal with the United States. The infighting is fierce in the new cabinet but General Luna and his loyal men forge ahead even as his military decisions are met with resistance from soldiers who are loyal only to President Aguinaldo ( Mon Confiado ). Ultimately, it is the general’s legendary temper and pride that bring him to his death when a pack of presidential guards assassinate him in broad daylight. While American newspapers are quick to point the blame to Aguinaldo, the mystery has never been completely solved and the General’s killers were never put to justice.

All I can say about this film, based on the trailer: THE CINEMATOGRAPHY! THE HISTORY (from the Filipino side of the Philippine-American War)! THE non-teleserye ACTING! PAULO AVELINO!

And I can’t wait to watch this film when I go back home (as in, the Motherland of My Ancestors)! Ahh!

Pinay’Merican: America is in the Heart

Pinay’Merican is a series of personal entries about exploring identity, as a Filipino-American, an aspiring writer, and a millennial. This is also kinda sorta for my final project in Asian American Media this semester.

(Originally written in October. But because of school and extra-curricular activities and Life in general, I’ve decided to post this now.)

October is Filipino American Heritage/History Month. This designation of my culture to fit into a month aims to celebrate and honor the history of Filipinos that contributed to American society, starting from the time of the manongs (first wave of Filipino Americans). However, it is essential for everyone, especially young Fil-Ams, to learn the histories of Filipinos and the Philippines. Continue reading Pinay’Merican: America is in the Heart