This Is What Dragg Looks Like

It is something I am still trying to accept as a part of my life. But I am also working on managing it since it has grown more prominent in certain situations. Not only that, it is still difficult to talk about it because of the perceptions and taboos surrounding it. But I tell you, no one should have to go through this. 


It’s real. And because it is real, it is terrifying. 


Anxiety, but I refer to it as “Dragg”.


Please Don’t Ask If I Have a Job Now (And Other Grief-Sensitive Things)

The past few months has opened my eyes and my mind to the other side of life, which is death. Death is complicated to talk about, mainly because we are afraid of its inevitability. But to be in the position where Death has approached a loved one–without consulting with me if I was okay with such a meeting–and led them over to the other side, I cannot ignore the thought of mortality. Continue reading Please Don’t Ask If I Have a Job Now (And Other Grief-Sensitive Things)

Imbalance of Self

This is my response to an article by Samantha Major, titled, “6 Things To Remember About Those Who Are Grieving” (For Harriet):

Usually I would have ideas on what to write about. I would outline my ideas and leave them in a Drafts folder for a while. I would let the ideas simmer in my mind, so that I will come up with better ways to articulate what I want to say and add on to the outline later. And when I am very sure that I have enough material to work on, I write. I can never force myself to do the work; knowing myself, I have to allow the feeling of writing to come, which is where I am at my best. Continue reading Imbalance of Self