‘Be Humble’; Rise Up Again

I always come late to the hype. Music, news, fashion–I get too lazy to join in and relish in the collective awe at the moment. For example, Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. came out three weeks ago. His single “HUMBLE.” came out a month ago, and most people I know were freaking out over the song and music video. It was only last week that I got around to listening to both “HUMBLE.” and “DNA.” while sitting in a hospital waiting room. This past weekend, I bought the album on iTunes and thoroughly listened to it, from beginning to end. And yes, the entire thing is just… gotDAMN.

Also last weekend was the eleventh annual New York City Asian American Student Conference (NYCAASC) at NYU Kimmel Center. It was my first time attending, which is criminal on my part; as a (former) student of Asian American Studies, an event like this perfectly coincides with my discipline and prospective career. Now that the event is over, and I have had time to process all that happened, here are my thoughts.

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THE REASON I Love Flyeaf

Happy Birthday to Lacey Sturm!

Lacey was the heart of Flyleaf, one of my favorite rock bands. She and the other band members created lyrical and soulful music that uplifts you. Although their sound can be described as “metal” or “grunge” (props to the guys for their amazing guitar rifts and heavy bass), it is the lyrics that reach into your soul and make you think of encouraging thoughts, not hateful ones. And when it comes to their acoustics and Lacey’s sweet lulling, you feel your heartstrings being tugged, causing your eyes to water for some reason (or a good reason–the music is simply beautiful). Continue reading THE REASON I Love Flyeaf