{covid scares, anyone?}

Peak period of the virus… Just went grocery shopping again, after more than a week had passed, As always, it is a stressful task because some people fail to keep their distance. (I tried to get a few canned goods from one aisle at one grocery store, but there were a bunch of women who kept pacing closer to where I was standing, ignoring the rules… It was as if they did not see me, even when I started making coughing noises to alert them–yes, I really did fake cough because screaming at them would have gotten me kicked out without food…)

In the time that I was remaining indoors, all was going well. I was able to work on some writing for this blog and {getLITfilam}. I also built more on my personal website and updated some sections of the other websites. And of course, I played more Sims 4.

There was one late evening/early morning where I had a scare… I decided to wait for a few days to finally talk about it, to make sure that I was alright. Not sure if other people have had these kind of scares, aside from it becoming the most obvious and confirmed scare. But what of those who thought they were experiencing symptoms but went away like a passing cold? Continue reading {covid scares, anyone?}

{trying to form a routine?}

I have used a weekly planner since I was in high school. It was very useful for keeping track of assignments, projects, events, and appointments that often filled up my schedule. But that changed when I was no longer in school for about 4 years, in which I mainly used the planner to keep track of my days. Even after I returned to school, as a graduate student, it was mainly to record what I did or what I have to anticipate.

Right now, it is being used to count the days of how long I have kept myself in quarantine… and it is distressing to see how long I have broken my routine since the outbreak happened: Continue reading {trying to form a routine?}