Resolution, or something like it.

There are two things that I have learned in the past few years when it comes to blogging: 1) there is a possibility that I may have no readers, and 2) there is a possibility that whenever I start a new blog, I will not update it as much as I would like to. BUT I’m writing a new post on this blog most likely for myself.

(But if there are people actually reading this…)
Welcome to the new year! I hope that whatever you plan to accomplish or hope to expect in 2014, it goes well for you.

In my previous post, I said that I would make a new post once a week. But like any other college student, I got busy with classes, extra-curricular activities, and life. And some of the time, I procrastinated but still got the work done. In short, I haven’t given much thought to writing something new on this blog last semester.

“New Year’s Resolutions” aren’t my thing for one reason, and it’s not because I won’t follow through with them after two weeks into the new year. The reason is that I don’t believe that one should have to wait for a whole new year to make some kind of change in his or her life. I have come to believe, since before entering college, that one can change his or her life at any time. What matters is that the initiative and the drive are there to make the change happen.

So why am I just making a new post five days after the new year began, when I could’ve done it after finishing my final exams weeks ago? Well, my mind needed to detox after an eventful and stressful semester, which required departing from social networks and the computer. (Been glued to those things throughout the semester.) And since my Winter breaks from college are uneventful and distressing (from boredom), it would be a good idea to pick up on the blog again.

Say something…

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